Residential Treatment For Adolescent Girls

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The Female-Only Residential Treatment Center at Poplar Springs Hospital is a TRICARE®-approved residential treatment program that serves adolescent girls, ages 11–17. This program is ideal for teens who demonstrate a persistent pattern of severe emotional and/or behavioral issues that are disruptive, frequent and cannot be treated in a lesser level of care, such as an outpatient program.

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Female Adolescent Treatment Includes:

  • Complex trauma/sexual trauma
  • Borderline personality
  • Co-Occurring/Compulsive Disorders
  • Assessment and Diagnostic

Female-Only Adolescent Residential Services

  • Individual therapy three times a week
  • Psychiatric visits twice a week
  • Family therapy weekly
  • 12-month licensed school
  • Life skills, social skills and leisure education groups
  • Psychoeducation and process groups

Residential Life At Adolescent Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Our campus, located in Petersburg, Virginia, allows the opportunity for our residents to walk daily to their education classes, treatment groups and cafeteria-style dining.

At our residential treatment center for teenagers, the adolescents embrace the fresh air, openness and peaceful surroundings. This provides an environment that promotes growth. Our living areas and bedrooms are spacious and decorated to provide a comfortable space for personalizing each adolescents’ experience during their journey to healthier living.

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Poplar Springs Hospital is here to assist you on the road to recovery.

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The Residential Treatment Center serves adolescent girls, ages 11–17, who cannot be treated in a lesser level of care.

Personalized Learning with Teen Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Our treatment team of professionals brings experience in child/adolescent psychiatry, social work, nursing, chemical dependency treatment, special education and activity/recreational therapies.

This program provides adolescent girls with around-the-clock psychiatric care at our psychiatric facility located in Petersburg, Virginia, is 20 minutes south of Richmond and 50 minutes north of North Carolina. While at the facility, teens are able to learn how to cope with numerous behavioral health issues affecting their daily lives.

The team, along with the residents and their support systems, creates a personalized treatment plan for mental health disorders that emphasizes individuals’ strengths, challenges, preferences and learning styles while at our psychiatric residential treatment facility.

We immediately begin with a thorough assessment with a behavioral health professional. Treatment programs at our residential treatment center for troubled teens help adolescent girls achieve the specific goals and objectives identified as most crucial to their short- and long-term success.

All residents attend the Learning Center, our private, 12-month school licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Philosophy at Our Residential Facility for Youth

The philosophy at our residential treatment center for teen girls is that at-risk youth are entitled to safe, secure and clinically sound treatment in the least restrictive setting. Residential programs for troubled youth must treat every situation uniquely — and we do just that at our residential treatment center for troubled youth.

Our behavioral health residential services value the importance of matching the resident’s needs with the appropriate level and type of treatment, care or services. The integration of these services throughout our facility and within the community is important to our overall treatment goals and part of our mission for success.

You want to support your teen, and our adolescent residential treatment program is here for your teen, too.

Contact Our Teen Psychiatric Treatment Center

To inquire or schedule an assessment at our psychiatric residential treatment facility for teen girls, please call 804-733-6874, toll-free 866-546-2229. Our phone lines at Poplar Springs Hospital are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you prefer to reach us via our website, please complete the contact us form.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The behavioral health professionals at Poplar Springs Hospital, located in Petersburg, Virginia, are here to help.