Adolescent FAQs

Who can refer to Poplar Springs Hospital?

We welcome referrals by medical or mental health caregivers, case managers, employee assistance programs, family members, community agencies, school counselors, hospitals, clergy, friends and patients themselves. If you would like further information, call our assessment and referral counselors at (804) 733-6874 or toll-free (866) 546-2229.

Will my insurance company pay for my services?

We are an approved provider for most major insurance companies and managed care plans. Please feel free to call (804) 733-6874 to see if Poplar Springs accepts your insurance plan.

Poplar Springs Hospital works closely with patients, their families, agency representatives, insurance companies, EAPs and managed care providers to determine all possible payment options. Poplar Springs also accepts MEDICARE and CHAMPUS/TRICARE®. In addition, Poplar Springs Hospital will accept direct payment of fees for individuals who do not have or want to use insurance. We are an approved provider for most major insurance companies and managed care plans.

What should I bring with me to Poplar Springs?

  • Insurance forms and personal identification.
  • Casual clothing (wash and wear depending on the season).
  • Comfortable shoes without shoe-strings (sneakers for outside recreation).
  • Current medications
  • Comfort items such as favorite pillow, comforter/throw or photographs (no glass frames).

Things to leave at home:

  • Televisions
  • Jewelry
  • Any substances that contain alcohol or drugs, or other substances that could be abused
  • Tight-fitting or short-cut clothing, shirts with inappropriate slogans or revealing slumber wear
  • Food of any kind
  • Any other valuable items

If I am having a problem on a weekend or evening, how do I contact Poplar Springs Hospital?

Poplar Springs is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Counselors are on call to assist you with any questions you may have.

Appointments can be made for the same day and we also accept walk-in appointments.

If you are interested or just have a question, you can call (804) 733-6874 anytime.

Am I able to see my child?

Yes. Family involvement is a very important part of treatment. We encourage family involvement and invite family members to visit during regularly scheduled visiting hours.

How will my child keep up with schoolwork?

Adolescents remain enrolled in their home school while at Poplar Springs and may complete homework assignments if brought in by the school or family during visiting hours. Poplar Springs makes every attempt to help patients transition back to their normal academic schedule. However, our chief concern is for the emotional healing of your child and the treatment process, so this will be our primary focus during their stay with us.

If my child is admitted to the acute unit, how long will he/she be there?

The average stay with us in the acute unit is five to seven days. Your child’s stay may be longer or shorter depending on the psychiatrist’s evaluation. The psychiatrist will determine when your child is believed to be safe, stable and not a threat to themselves or others. We will update you daily on your child’s progress and the likely discharge date.

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